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27 September 2016


Graduation is a tradition that goes back centuries, but how much do you really know about this grand event? Why do people wear academic gowns? Why do graduates throw their hats in the air? And what does alumni really mean?
08 October 2018


Plagiarism is on the decline, but new forms of cheating are on the rise. ‘Contract cheating’ is a rapidly growing problem that every student should be concerned about. So, what is it, and why is it so bad?
17 May 2019


Vincent Giannini and Jenny Zhang completed an Industry and Community Project Unit (ICPU) in their final semester at Sydney Uni. They share how the experience helped them to land their jobs and start their career journey.
25 May 2018


Anyone at the University of Sydney can undertake a global experience. From scholarships to side-hustles, it can be easier than you think to finance an overseas program.
19 December 2018


Living out of home is an exciting whirlwind of new found freedom and self-sufficiency. But with this independence comes the tricky task of sharing a living space. We’ve rounded up some tips so you can turn roomies into besties.
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