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Surrounding suburbs

Our campuses border some of Sydney's most colourful suburbs

From the bustle of Newtown’s King Street to the relaxed village vibe of Glebe, you won’t have to travel far from the main campus to discover the charms of Sydney’s inner west.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to call home or simply take time out from your studies to explore the local surrounds, there’s a lot to take in.



Camperdown/Darlington 淄博安旺高服务有限公司


Long regarded as Sydney’s bohemian capital, Newtown is a happy contrast of organic coffee shops, vintage thrift stores, grungy political street art and the inescapable scent of Nag Champa incense.

Vegan eco-friendly shops sit alongside tattoo parlors, cosy wine bars and a seemingly endless number of Thai restaurants and frozen yoghurt chains.

Its inhabitants are nearly as colourful as the streetscape, with well-heeled hipsters, punks and vintage fashion fans of all ages calling Newtown home.

Learn more about Newtown.


Bordering the southern end of campus is unassumingly cool Redfern. Right on the city fringe, the suburb attracts people from all walks of life. The majority of residents were born overseas, giving the community a strongly global flavour.

Now thoroughly gentrified, Redfern has a complex history as a government housing suburb.

The streets are lined with tall, narrow terraces that date back to the late 1800s. Some have been better maintained than others – but all are now worth well over $1 million.

Artisanal bakeries, great cafes and a close-up view of the CBD are just some of the reasons you’ll love Redfern.

Learn more about Redfern.


A sleepy village by the bay, Glebe has great vegetarian café fare, three-storey bookstores and stunning harbour views down on Blackwattle Bay.

Although it’s not on a train line, the 431/433 bus services are frequent and can get you into the city in less than 20 minutes, or you can walk in 30-40 minutes.

The 370 service connects you to the Darlington end of campus, as well as Newtown and Coogee beach.

Learn more about Glebe.

Rozelle (Sydney College of the Arts) 湘潭聚贵圣商贸有限公司

A little off the beaten track, leafy Rozelle is tucked between Lilyfield and Balmain on the ‘insular peninsula’ alongside Iron Cove Bay.

Only a short bus or light rail ride away from the CBD, Rozelle is highly accessible by public transport, connecting you to the nearby neighborhoods of Leichhardt and Annandale.

Once known as the ‘Little Italy’ of Sydney, Leichhardt’s main street is lined by clothing shops and restaurants with an authentic Italian flavour. Norton Street Cinema is well known for supporting quality indie films and international film festivals.

Closer to the water, Balmain is a picturesque village with weekly markets and stunning habour views.

Learn more about Rozelle.

Cumberland (Health Sciences) 牙克石全千金科技有限公司

At the centre of Sydney's multicultural heartland, Lidcombe and the surrounding suburbs sit at the crossroads of East and West.

Considerably more affordable than the inner city, property around Lidcombe is also easily available, with increasing high-rise apartments and government investment in infrastructure.

Students, young professionals and families are drawn to the greater west because of its centrality within the greater Sydney area. From Strathfield railway station you can get to just about any major destination within Sydney in less than 30 minutes.

Not only is it cheaper and easier to find a parking spot in Lidcombe, there's a fantastic range of cultural and culinary delights. Eastern and Middle-Eastern food is authentic and plentiful on the main streets of Lidcombe, Auburn and Strathfield.

Learn more about Lidcombe.

Camden has all the modern conveniences of a metropolitan city, with the support of a small country town community.

Many describe Camden as similar to an English village, with heritage-listed buildings and churches scattered along green, rolling hills.

Argyle Street offers a burgeoning restaurant, cafe and small bar scene, and the commute into town takes just under an hour in peak traffic.

Learn more about Camden.

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